5 Useful Vitamins For Hair Loss In Women

“Vitamins for hair loss in women” is emerging as one of the most popular search term entered by so many people of today. Every one wants to find out the causes and solution for female thinning hair. Instead of buying the commercial products at the market, taking the necessary vitamins will help you improve the progress.

1- Vitamins For Hair Loss In Women

Now let’s straightly have a note on 5 important vitamins which prevents hair loss in women.  These vitamins include

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B7
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A


This vitamin helps your body to produce the required amount of sebum. It assists the scalp in promoting the hair growth. Vitamin A is found in Milk,liver,Carat, orange, eggs, kale, sweet potatoes, fortified cereals, and pumpkin.

Apart from promoting the hair growth, it makes your hair get stronger. So when you start to consume the foods which are rich in Vitamin A ,you won’t experience anymore hair loses.

2- Vitamin B1


The next vitamin which stands in the list of Vitamins for hair loss in women is Vitamin B1. It plays a vital role in stopping the hair thinning issues. Vitamin B1 helps in protein creation which makes your hair look thick and shiny.

Vitamin B1 is rich in soybeans, dried beans, citrus fruits like strawberries and pineapple, whole grains, eggs, rice. If you love meat try red meats, chicken, turkey and fish. These all have the essential vitamins for hair loss protection.

3- Vitamin C


It is one other essential vitamin that helps in stopping the hair loss in women .Antioxidants are important things which converts carbohydrate and fats into energy. It provides a healthier skin & hair. So which is the source of Antioxidants? Simple you can get the Vitamin C by taking the foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes,  green vegetables and green peppers. One other advantage is, the production of healthy collagen. It binds the tissues and provides a solution for split ends and hair breakage.

4- Vitamin E


When you talk on vitamins for hair loss in women, the topic will not get complete without touching the benefits of Vitamin E. As we all know, Vitamin E is a great healing agent. It enhances our immune system and makes as lead a healthy life. Vitamin E plays a role in oxygen uptake. As a result blood circulation of the scalp is improved dramatically. So the growth of hair is guaranteed.

Vitamin E is rich in green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, whole grains, nuts, meat and vegetable oils.

5- Vitamin B7


Vitamins for hair loss in women also include the vitamin B7. This is the vitamin which is needed most by your hair and nail. It makes our body to do the optimum utilization of building blocks such as amino acids which plays a vital role in our body tissue recreation. It is also known as biotin which serves as a source of protein and keratin. Both are essential for the growth of your nail and hair.

Sources of Vitamin B7 are rice, milk, liver, soy, yeast and eggs.

Above listed are some of the Vitamins for hair loss. If you can’t consume all these vitamins in the form of fresh fruits and vitamins you have one other choice. Yes you can take the vitamins in the form of vitamin pills. But before start using the pills it’s better to get the prescription from your medical practitioner.

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