Full Details: How India’s daredevil commandos hit inside Pakistan to avenge Uri

New Delhi: Indian Army has done it! And done it in style. Pakistan has long tested India's patience by sponsoring death merchants who crossed the LoC at will and killed our men, one of the biggest examples of such cowardice was the Uri terror attacks.

But India's patience was up this time and the Army acted with precision and bravery, leaving the Pakistanis clueless.

The entire operation started at around 12:30 yesterday night when a crack team of India's best soldiers, the para-commandos, boarded a chopper somewhere in northern India.

The chopper flew stealthily towards the Line of Control – possibly at a low altitude to avoid radars (as is the norm in such operations) – and crossed over to PoK and positioned itself to allow the commandos to slither down ropes to the ground.

The drop-off zones were around 500 meters to 2-3 kilometers on the other side of the LoC.

Given the high-alert conditions after the Uri attack – and the very public preparedness drill carried out by Pakistani soldiers – the brave men of the India's elite forces knew what they were getting into.

Their lives were at stake. They knew it. But – given the fact that these men are among the best of the best – personal safety would have been the last thing on their minds as they melted into the darkness with their guns seeking out the enemies of their motherland.

Their targets were the terror launch pads, the terror dens created by Pakistan to push terrorists into India.

Sources in the know said that multiple teams of commandos were tasked with specific terror camps in Bhimber, Hotspring, Kel, and Lipa sectors of PoK. They worked as independent units but in unison when it came to the mission.

The Indian brave hearts, as per reports, were working on a strict brief – kill all the terrorists and 'all those' who dared to come in between.

By 4:30 am today morning the mission was over and the count? 30-35 terrorists killed as per sources – the Jihadi man machines who were waiting to cross over to India.

Our men ensured that they were excused of the trek!

As per Pakistan's defence minister Khawaja Asif who had been bragging about nukes, two Pakistani soldiers died and nine got injured in the operation.

Given Pakistan's adeptness at repeatedly hiding the truth, the figure may be more.

And all this was achieved was without the loss of single precious life of our brave soldiers.

Salute to the Indian Army and its men.

By: Zee Media Bureau/Ajith Vijay Kumar

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