Here’s How To Watch The Harvest Moon Eclipse Tonight

The harvest Moon eclipse is steeped in both folk tradition and scientific intrigue. If you’re in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, you should be able to catch a good glimpse of it. If you’re in the Americas, you’ll also be able to enjoy it thanks to Slooh, who are putting on a live four-hour broadcast of the lunar show.

The harvest Moon is defined as the closest full Moon to the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, it will neatly coincide with a penumbral lunar eclipse, when some of Earth's shadow is cast on the Moon. It’s going to be the last time these events clash until 2024.

As you can see in the diagram from NASA below, it won’t be viewable from the Americas. However, elsewhere it will peak at about 6.54pm UTC, provided it's a clear night, according toNational Geographic

Here's who will get the best view of the eclipse on Earth. NASA/GSFC

For those on the other side of the Atlantic, Slooh’s broadcast will contain feeds from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Western Australia showing you the sights. An ensemble of astronomers will be showing you shots of the eclipse, discussing the different kinds of eclipses, and explaining the history and science behind a harvest Moon eclipse. It kicks off at 9.45am PDT, 12.45pm EDT, and 5.45pm BST in the player below.


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