Hollywood film directors retweet TWICE Tzuyu’s magical archery GIF?

A GIF of TWICE's Tzuyu aired as a preview of the '2016 Idol Star Athletics Championship' has been a hot item on social media lately, so much that it's been noticed by some names overseas!

The GIF shows Tzuyu participating in the archery games, and like magic, as she shoots her arrow, her long, wavy hair flies behind her as if she's in a shampoo CF!


Fans have even compiled a video (above) of Tzuyu's GIF going viral online, and it turns out, the GIF's magic was enough to grab the attention of Hollywood film directorsTaika Waititi and Paul Feig. Maybe the two directors got some inspiration for their next projects from the cool GIF?

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/

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