How To Find Your Parked Car Using Maps App in iOS 10

iOS 10 is all about getting a little bit smarter, and making small annoyances a thing of the past. One of those delightful little features in the Maps is the ability to automatically find your parked car. Now, when you leave your car (as long as it’s not at your home address), iOS 10 will remember the location.

When you leave the car, your iPhone will show you a notification to tell you that the Maps has dropped a pin where you parked.

You can tap that notification to get more information.

Add Notes and Photos


When you tap that notification, you’ll get a live map of where your car is. From here you can add a photo, if you want another clue to remember the location. You can also add a text note.


There’s also an “Edit location” button in case the Maps got the location wrong.

Turn The Feature On or Off


If you want to turn this feature off, or you think it isn’t working properly, you can toggle the Parked Car feature by going into “Maps” section in the “Settings” app.

Maps App Improvements

The entire Maps in iOS 10 has received a big redesign and so far, the news is all good. The interface is much easier to use, button placement makes much more sense and it takes less taps to accomplish tasks.

If you’re in an area (usually in the US), that has good Maps data, you should consider using the Maps app instead of Google Maps.

What’s your favorite new feature in the Maps Share with us in the comments below.



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