Jessi talks openly about her breast implants during ‘Happy Together’ filming

Rapper Jessi talked openly about her breast implants during filming for the upcoming episode of 'Happy Together'.

For the 'Show Me Swag' special of the talk show, Jessi featured as a guest alongside San E, C Jamm, and Jung Jun Ha. Jessi shared her feelings on the malicious comments written about her on the web, saying, "I'm a human too, so I end up looking at negative comments. A lot of them talk about how it's obvious I got breast implants."

She expressed, "I paid for the surgery with my own money. Why do I have to hide it?" Jessi continued, "There are lot of people who hide it after getting surgery. That's more laughable. If you did, you should just say you did."

Jun Hyun Moo commented, "I didn't know," and Jessi responded, "Then does this chest look real?"

The full episode airs on September 8 at 11:10PM KST!



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