Playboy Model Who Took Naked Picture Of Woman In Her 70s At Gym, Faces 6 Months Prison

You may remember Dani Mathers, the now disgraced Playboy model who took a picture of another woman in the showers of her gym's locker room and sent it out to her followers on Snapchat with the caption 'If I can't unsee this then you can't either' and was subsequently fired for it once she and her employer faced the full force of the social media backlash that comes prepackaged with making such a move.

Mathers' actions weren't only horrendous; they were illegal, and now that police have finally found the victim and reported that she is a woman in her 70s, her crime is somehow even worse than originally thought.

The woman, whose identity hasn't been released, wants Mathers to have the book thrown at her for taking her picture and sharing it with the public, and told police that she would cooperate in every way possible to bring her to justice.

The actual charge as of now looks like it's going to be for Dissemination of Private Images, a misdemeanor punishable only by 6 months in prison. The L.A. City Attorney is reviewing the details and will announce a decision soon.

Law enforcement is about as sympathetic as the general population has been to Mathers, with sources claiming that they want to make an example out of her for anyone that decides to try and shame anybody whose only offense is trying to improve themselves.



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