TOP 10 Best Soccer Balls Reviews

Soccer game is commonly known as football game. The game require soccer ball which is uniformly round in shape for a successful football game. We have various soccer ball from various manufactures which differs in price, color, texture, durability and size. Some of the best soccer ball include:

1. Adidas Performance Brazuca Top Replique Best Soccer Balls


The ball was used in 2014 FIFA world cup which took place in Brazil and named Brazuca in reference to Brazil. The ball is made from high quality material and tested by popular players in the word. Its cover consist of six premium polyurethane panel that are thermally bonded for a seamless surface and are x-shaped. The cover enhances better aerodynamic and minimal water absorption. The whole surface of adidas Brazuca ball has a beaded texture which grip and touch. The ball is light in weight and is available in size 5. The interior latex bladder provide strong rebound and the ball standard complies with all regulations set by the relevant bodies.


2. NIKE ORDEM – Nike’s Best Soccer Ball


The ball was created for teams sponsored by Nike. The ball features an internal carbon latex bladder which offer accurate rebound, micro textured grip on the entire surface and exterior cover made from synthetic leather panel. In 2014 world cup in Brazil the ball was colored bright yellow/green to honor the country. The ball complies with all set regulation of soccer ball. Nike offer the ball in size 5 for standard.



The ball is available in different sizes which include size 3, 4 and 5. It is made up of synthetic leather and 32 traditional panel graphics sewn using machine combined with silver accents. The ball has been designed in a manner to make it last long. It has butyl rubber bladder that enable it to have a rebound character. The ball can be used for old school players of soccer.

4. adidas Performance Brazuca Top Replique Soccer Ball


The ball is available in size 4 and size 5, and its color may be night blue, white or multicolor. The ball is one of the best soccer ball for higher level training and has passed FIFA various tests for water uptake, weight circumference and rebound. The ball features a seamless surface enhanced by thermal bonding.



The ball is NFHS approved and is official ball for competitions of NCAA. The ball consist of 32 hexagonal panels with seamless molding which improves precision and ball trajectory. The polyurethane panel are padded slightly to enhance soft touch. The ball has light weight and consist an internal latex bladder which enhance rebound.

6. Adidas MLS Glider Size 5


The ball can be orange, white or purple in color and is usually in size 5. Adidas glider ball size 5 has been designed in a way that can help player become the best in skills like accuracy and consistency. The ball has been approved by MLS as high standard ball. Its design enhances cushioning and touch.



The ball may be vivid orange/sun-bleached or bitter in color and it is in size 3, 4 or 5. The ball features cloth wrapped bladder enhancing retention of the shape, abrasion resistant TPU cover and EVA foam which enhance soft touch.



The ball is featured with butyl bladder, 32 panel cover sewn using machine and cover made from synthetic leather. The ball can withstand all physical subjection.It has a soft touch which is offered by the sponge backed cover.



The ball is featured with an exterior cover that 32 panel polyurethane that is hand stitched, latex bladder throughout, light weight and no butyl valve. The ball is mostly used in high schools and colleges and available in different sizes and meet all the requirement as soccer ball.



The ball is very popular for it hard wearing quality that can persist all playing conditions. Select Numero is hand- stitched for stronger and tighter seams. The polyurethane cover is about 1.5mm for effective and great touch. The ball is made using FPUS 1500 Synthetic Leather and is white in color. The ball is available in various size which include size 4 and size 5. Size 5 has been approved by NFHS or IMS as a high standard ball. The ball can be accessed even outside U.S.

All the above soccer balls have been rated according to the number of individuals purchasing and looking for the due to their popularity. An individual should consider the best soccer ball that meets the requirements of the players and have been approved by the relevant body.


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