7 Tips To Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life

You often find that you have forgotten your smartphone charger at home and you are running out of battery. Without a charger in sight, you find yourself panicking and running around like a headless chicken. If this is you more often than not, there are several tips that you can make note of to use as a tool to save battery life in moments like these.

Lower Screen Brightness

If you visit the battery consumption page on your phone, you will notice that the screen takes up the maximum amount of battery life. By switching on the automatic brightness option, you can save a large amount of battery.

Shorten the Screen Timeout

Reducing the time for which the display stays on is another way to cut down screen battery consumption. While it may be a problem if you are reading articles on your phone, you can always increase it temporarily.

Turn Off GPS

The GPS in a phone is another feature that eats up a large part of your battery. By turning the Location or GPS settings on your device, you can effectively increase the phone’s battery by up to 3 hours.

Disable Notifications

Notifications for applications like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram and others reduce you battery life greatly. This is because they make use of light, vibration and internet sync as well. For apps that are not absolutely essential, turn off the notifications for a while and check the app directly for any alerts.

Switch Bluetooth Off

If you are not using the Bluetooth function, it is always best to turn it off. This saves your battery life as, when turned on, the Bluetooth regularly searches for devices that may be nearby.

Turn Off Vibrate

The vibration on your phone actually consumes more battery than simply using an alert tone or a ringtone. If you do not wish to turn it off, try reducing it to a minimum.

Disable Push Email

If your email account is set to automatically sync on your smartphone, this is probably what is eating a large chunk of your battery life. This is because your phone checks for new emails ever hour. Either disable the automatic sync or increase the amount of time between each update.

These tips are very useful when you have no option for charging your device. However if your phone battery seems to be giving up on you a lot quicker than usual, then it may be damaged and time to replace it.


Source: http://techtalks.ideacellular.com/7-tips-to-prolong-your-phones-battery-life/

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